Week 5: Artist – Cruz Veldez


This week I decided to interview Cruz Veldez because i thought that it was cool to see a different type of art work. He used expression to create his art work because he was able to show desire and an exploration of identity through excersises trying to trace Nicolas Ghesquiere’s debut collection that he did for Louis Vuitton. He decided to used livestream footage of the Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 to be able to  express how desire, anxiety, and obsession towards the high fashion industry.

What he does to capture the footage, is use his phone to record the footage but he does is privately while he is window shopping at a Louis Vuitton store. He said that he was more interested about the collection of the stores and having physical access to that. It was more able the stuff in the store, not the people staring in the run way presentation. Cruz wanted to be able to engage physically with the stuff and being able to touch it.

He is a huge fan of the designer for Louis Vuitton, Nicolas. He likes how their buisness strategy because they had a lot of the collection that they presented in the run way in the actual store. Because normally designers show collection but do not sell them in the stores.

It was cool being able to met Cruz because i think it was cool how he decided to use his art skills to demonstrate a different way of art work. His art work was demostrated through the footage he captured and showing it in a t.v. in a blank room was was cool because it gives curiosity to know what the art work was about. He was not doing it for the luxury but because he wanted to be able to physically engage with that and that is cool because there are many ways to be artistically creative. Cruz was able to show it with his interest in the collection and in a unique way as well.


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