Week 5: Conversation – Jasmine Brito


This week I met Jasmine Brito in my Art 110 class. She is a second year at CSULB just like me. She lives in Anaheim and commutes to school, which is cool because since i live kinda far I dorm on campus and she is lucky to be able to commute. She started school as an Engineering major but decided to change to Sociology, which is cool. She works at Starbucks back in Anaheim and lives with her parents. She also has a dog which is something we had in common because I have dogs as well.

Jasmine is engaged and said she will get married this year. Her boyfriend is brazilian and only speaks Portugues at home which is why she learned the language Portugese. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish which is so cool because I only know Spanish and English. Jasmine also goes to Christian Brazilian church and she enjoys it as well.

One of her hobbies is to run. She said she played soccer pretty much her whole life until she got to college. When she first started coming to csulb, she said it was pretty overwhelming because the campus is so big. I also felt pretty overwhelemed with the campus being so big. Jasmine says she is on her phone alot. She does not watch t.v. She also doesnt like reading, she prefers to be online. Her favorite color is pink and black, which is different than mine because I like blue.

It was cool meeting Jasmine. I saw that we had a couple things in common. One thing we really and in common is how we both love Buffalo Wild Wings. She used to go every week just like me but decided to go only twice a month or so. Overall, it was nice meeting Jasmine, she was very friendly and it cool to see what things you may have in common with others.


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