Week 5: Activity- Kickstarter


For this week, I was looking at the many videos that kickstarter has and  I came across the video under Film & Video, If Elephants go to Heaven. When I cliked on it, I was expecting a video about someones theory if elephants do go to heaven or not but instead it was a video about the help we should give elephants. I love animals. Which is why i wanted to see the video in the first place because I was curious to know more about them, but in the video it says that elephants may become extincts in our lifetime. That really got to me because i think elephants are such an amazing creature that it it crazy to think that the human society is whats causing them to become extincted.

The video is based on a director who is giving information about elephants and how we can contribute to helping them live longer. People have been killing elephants for their own benefits and forget that animals will also have feelings as well. This video mentions how elephants are just like us. They are most similar to us because they will be able to see them selfs in a mirror and feel grief for a lost one. Many people do not know that elephants can be very similar to humans as well and can forget that they have feelings.

This video was not only informative but it also made me feel like i should do something to help. There is so much people can do because its the people who kill animals for their own benefits. This was a video I liked because it was able to grab your attention and inform you as well. I think that if people have the capability to help, there would be less animal extinction rates and more people should become more aware of that which is why I liked this video.

Zombie Ted, A Comedy-Horror Movie's video poster


For a video I did not like under Film and Video I chose the one called Zombie Ted. The reason I did not like it was because I did not find it amusing like it supposably said. I did not really understand the point of the video. They were trying to make a video about zombies but the scipts did not seem very well. The credibility was not very good either. I think it may be because I like to watch movies that seem more real than sci fi which may be why I did not like it.

I think there are a lot of zombiie movies out there and to be able to do another one, it was almost the same things you would see in other zombie movies. Maybe if the script and plot seemed a bit more different than the usual type of zombie movies, it may grab my attention.

That it basically the only reason why I did not like the video. They were presenting their zombie film that they created and I was not so drawn to watching it. But it was just my opinion because I do not like those types of movies that much. There needs to be a but more credibility in my opinion.

Princess Awesome's video poster


In the videos that I did like under Fashion was Princess Awesome. I love kids which is why i was interested by this video. When i watched it it made me realize something I had not before, that girls never have anything with pirates and dinosaurs. Society it was has made us who we are. We were taught that being a girl it meant to wear pink and dresses and for boys to like cars and dinosaurs but never seem girls with pirates or any type of interest that would normally be seem on a boy.

I liked this video because the people decided to make their own girl clothes with girly colors but incorpotare dinosaurs and pirates into those dresses. I think it is a great idea because children can be expressive with their interest and not be sucked into what society has built as sterotypes. There are young girls who have boy interest which is why these women came up with the idea in the first place.

Being able to allow your girls to be free of their interest is great because they wont feel weird to like dinosaurs or cars, they will be able chose their favorite dress that can have dinosaurs in it as well. I really do like this idea. I have always believed in being able to express ourself without being consumed into societies ideas and influences. Which is why I think this video was great.

Where's Wallet: The Smart Wallet You'll Never Lose's video poster


The video for this week that I did not so much like was the one under Fashion, Where’s the Wallet. The reason I disliked this video was because although everyone would love to have a wallet that you wouldnt be able to lose and keep safe it would be impossible to try to get everyones attention. In the video it shows the guy who programs his wallet to is phone and set at a specific distance so that when hes that far from the wallet he will get an alarm.

The problem with that is that not everyone has smart phones. Not everyone will be able to download an app that allows you to keep track of where your phone is at. And also, not everyone will always be remembering to set an alarm to his phone of what distance to be away from it. Although it does sound like a good idea, not many people would be sold by it. The wallets are also very simple and to those people who like designed wallets it wouldnt fit them.

When I had cliked on the video, I thought that it was going to be something very cool that everyone could try. I did not think that it had to involve your phone to be able to set you an alarm. Overall, i think the idea is great but i dont think the video presented was very persuasive. Not everyone will be able to participate in the act of not losing their wallets with this strategy.


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