Week 15: Artist Conversation- Elia Murray

IMG_2663 IMG_2662

This week in the Gatov East Gallery, I got to meet Elia Murray who has created this art work that was displayed. I really liked her work since I first went into the gallery. I thought it was very cool how she was able to create those painting. I kept looking at them because I thought she did such an amazing job and I was very impressed with her art work. Elia said that they are kind of whatever she feels because some were assignments she had done.

Elia grew up with an environment that was surrounded with creativity. She was taught by her father to draw since she was very young and her mom encouraged her into every creative avenue she could find. She find this support of her parent to be what sent her to become the artist she is today. She really likes to write, draw, paint, and sculpt fun lively characters.

The fish painting was inspired from an assignment that she had to do in which she had to read a poem and then discover what she saw after. The painting with the doctor was inspired from a health care article and the circus was inspired from the Seven Deadly Sins. She wanted it to be about finding an actual feel of balance but in a two dimensional world. Elia had fun doing pet portraits, she would either sculpt them or draw them.

This summer, Elia would like to have her own job where people can order their pet drawing or sculpting and she can create it for them. Elia began college as an English major and because she always had that extra push from her parents, her mom encouraged her to go into an illustrator major. But she likes it though so it wasn’t a problem. Elia writes poetry but she is also working on a book right now. The title of her book is The Bear in the Snow, but it is in working progress. She says that it is about a black bear that turns into a polar bear. I thought that was great! It was really cool getting to meet Elia. I really enjoyed getting to look at her art work and seeing her inspirations and motivations as well.


Week 15: Conversation- Eduardo Catalan


This week I got to meet Eduardo Catalan and he is a second year student at CSULB. Eduardo is a mathematics major but he started off as undeclared and decided he wanted to do math because he actually really enjoys math. He hopes to do teaching with his degree but he is still not sure.

Eduardo is 19 years old and lives in the city of Long Beach which is convenient since he comes to CSULB. He takes the bus to school every day since it is very convenient. He likes it because he lives like 20 minutes away so it is not a long bus ride. One of Eduardo’s favorite hobbies are to read, he loves it. His favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo because Dracula is on the book. Eduardo find reading very relaxing that’s why he likes it because since he has a part time job, it is nice to sit down every once in a while and read.

Eduardo has a job which is really close to the school. He works at McDonald’s. He also has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Two of his siblings are older than him and he is the second to last sibling because he has a younger sister. Eduardo was born in Mexico but ever since he came here at the age of 5 he hasn’t gone out of the U.S. But he would like to go so he can see people and family.

Some of the places Eduardo would like to go see is definitely Mexico but he would also like to see England or Spain because he would like to see their perspective of the culture. He also thinks visiting Arabia would be nice but only if his Arab improves because he taught himself the language since he once had a girlfriend that was Arabian. Eduardo loves pizza, he could eat it every day. He also eats a lot of Carl’s Jr on campus but he doesn’t mind spending on the food since he likes to run as well. Eduardo is not picky with his food so he does not have a food that he dislikes.

He likes art because he likes to admire the many different types of art. He also likes ancient art which was cool because I find ancient art pretty cool. Some of his favorite art types are portraits and painting. It was great getting to meet Eduardo. He seemed very nice and it was cool getting to see how he also liked the same type of art as I did which I think is very cool, getting to meet people who share similar interest or different interest.

Week 14: Artist Conversation- Yireh Elaine Kwak


This week I got to meet Yireh Elaine Kwak. She has her art work displayed in the Gatov-West gallery. She thinks that most people who do art are different because of her experiences. Since she was alone as a child she had a lot of time playing with things and having her imagination which is what allowed her to start her experience with art.

The picture shown above represents her landscape portrait of Fullerton Hills which is where she comes from. At the moment Elaine is applying for internships and is preparing her portfolio to have for when she starts to find jobs. She really wants to travel, she hopes to be traveling because she would really like to do that.

Elaine has sold some of her paintings before. She wanted this piece because it represents her home and she has also been working on a consistent body of work. Elaine would like to do different landscapes because their are many landscapes surrounding her home since she lives on a hill so she got access to a beautiful view.She was hoping for her piece to be psychological and symbolize her family.

She would really like to continue doing stuff like this. She likes the way she set it up so she wants to keep doing pieces like that. This painting took her about a month to a month and a half to complete. If she does not paint everyday she tries to do something creative everyday, such as a creative activity. It was great getting to meet Elaine, I think she did an amazing job with her art work.

Week 14: Conversation-Natsuki Fukayama


This week I got to meet Natsuki and she is a second year student in college and she took her second year at csulb. Natsuki is a foreign exchange student that is only in school for this year and she is going to go back to Japan in a month. She is very excited to go back to Japan because she will be with her family and friends but she is still going to miss the friends she made here in Long Beach.

Natsuki was born in Japan and lived there for a couple years. Because of her dads work she moves back and forth from Japan. She moved back when she was in 4th grade and she wanted to go to csulb because of the experience although she plans on finishing her college career back in Japan.

Natsuki is a a film major at csulb. She dorms at Beachside which is cool because I dorm at Beachside as well. Since she went to college her first year in Japan she is moving back pretty soon and she says that she missed the food a lot from back home. That is one thing she really looks forward to. Natsuki is taking 5 classes this semester which is can be overwhelming for her sometimes.

She really likes to watch movies on her free time. She normally watches movies is she is not trying to study. Another hobby that Natsuki likes to do is go to the beach with her friends. Natsuki also likes to go with her friends to look for coffee shops which is cool because she gets to try many different ones. A show that we had in common that we liked as Pretty Little Liars but she recently stopped watching it. One of Natsuki’s favorite movies is Perks of Being a Wallflower which she really recommends to me because I have not seen that movie yet. It was great getting to meet Natsuki. I got to learn a lot about her experience here in csulb and im glad i got to meet her.

Week 13: Artist Conversation- Marty Knop

IMG_2515 IMG_2514 IMG_2513

This week in the art galleries i came upon these art pieces in the Werby Art Gallery which really got my attention. I admire abstract work which is what really caught my attention. The artist who created these art pieces is named Marty Knob. He did this art show as his thesis exhibition which I thought was pretty good.

The first image shown above took him about 3 weeks to complete. The images were a screen layer and then hand printed later. Marty used a software to create these images which was pretty cool. He feels like the software is not intended for art but he still likes it anyways.The other images that are black and white come out as black and white when printed and he has a lot of control for the graphics.

The goal of Marty was to create a generative art that was made through algorithms. He has had practice with web design which he was able to use to transfer that skill into his art. What Marty hopes to do it take that apps he used to make this art show and make it available for other people. He is very interested in taking that skill of networking and pulling resources and taking it to other people.

The main thing for Marty is to be able to get over the fear of not doing a good job and be patient to get it done because it can be difficult. It was great getting to see the great art work shown in the galleries. Marty did a great job with his show. I liked that up close I was so confused at whether the art was painted, drawn, or printed because of the great job he did.

Week 13: Conversation- Maddy Vanderberg

IMG_2510 (1)This week I got to meet Maddy. She is also a second year at csulb just like I am. She is a Liberal Arts major but she says that she would like to change it. She is interested in maybe marketing or psychology as another major. She would like to use her major to become a teacher later on in the future.

Maddy hopes to change her major if possible before she becomes a junior because she will no longer have enough time to change it. Her favorite class is her History class because she really likes History. She says that History is one of her favorite subjects. She would really like to minor or major in history but the reason why she did not chose that major was because she did not really see a lot of career options for that major.

She comes from Long Beach and she chose csulb because it was really close to her home. Although she lives really close by she still decided to dorm at Parkside her first year because she wanted to experience dorming. Maddy says that she did not really interact with many of her suit mates at parkside but she did become really close to her roommate and they are actually taking art together.

Something Maddy really enjoys to do is go out to eat which we both had in common. Her favorite movie is “Just Friends” which I will need to watch because I have never seen that movie. It was really cool getting to meet Maddy this week. We got along great and got to share some of out interest.

Week 12: Activity- Algorithmic Art

1. Grab a piece of paper, ruler (or anything to trace a line), scissors, and a pencil.

2. From one edge of the paper fold it to create a triangle, but a long rectangle shape hanging out


3. Grab the scissors and cut the long rectangle.


4. The paper should look like a square, trace the line that was used to fold the paper

5. Fold the other edge of the paper to connect to the opposite side and trace the line

6. Fold the paper in half creating a long rectangle like the one cut and trace the line

7. Do the same as step 6 but with the side of the paper that hasn’t been folded creating a cross.


8. On every tip of the paper, fold it to the center creating a smaller square and trace the lines.


9. Grab the paper and fold one half of the paper to the center just like step 8 but the long side instead. Do this to both sides of the paper and trace


10. Repeat step 9 but onto the sides that have not been folded and trace.


11. You can grab a marker to trace it and color it of your choice and your done

IMG_2492 IMG_2494

This week I got the chance to do a procedural art. I have always thought it was cool how you can create many cool patterns through other shapes which is why I got inspired to do an abstract drawing. Being able to fold a paper in many ways repetitively and have a cool finished drawing is very amazing. My idea for this procedure was to create a cool abstract image with the similar shapes and make it look even better adding some type of color into it.

The result of my procedure actually turned out better than i thought because the color added so much more abstract detail to my drawing. I envisioned an image that had the same shapes but put the shapes in a pattern in which would result into a cool image. I found it even more cool that my results came from just folding the paper in many ways and tracing the lines to get that result. Not only did I like my results but I also enjoyed being able to create something like this as well.