Week 15: Artist Conversation- Elia Murray

IMG_2663 IMG_2662

This week in the Gatov East Gallery, I got to meet Elia Murray who has created this art work that was displayed. I really liked her work since I first went into the gallery. I thought it was very cool how she was able to create those painting. I kept looking at them because I thought she did such an amazing job and I was very impressed with her art work. Elia said that they are kind of whatever she feels because some were assignments she had done.

Elia grew up with an environment that was surrounded with creativity. She was taught by her father to draw since she was very young and her mom encouraged her into every creative avenue she could find. She find this support of her parent to be what sent her to become the artist she is today. She really likes to write, draw, paint, and sculpt fun lively characters.

The fish painting was inspired from an assignment that she had to do in which she had to read a poem and then discover what she saw after. The painting with the doctor was inspired from a health care article and the circus was inspired from the Seven Deadly Sins. She wanted it to be about finding an actual feel of balance but in a two dimensional world. Elia had fun doing pet portraits, she would either sculpt them or draw them.

This summer, Elia would like to have her own job where people can order their pet drawing or sculpting and she can create it for them. Elia began college as an English major and because she always had that extra push from her parents, her mom encouraged her to go into an illustrator major. But she likes it though so it wasn’t a problem. Elia writes poetry but she is also working on a book right now. The title of her book is The Bear in the Snow, but it is in working progress. She says that it is about a black bear that turns into a polar bear. I thought that was great! It was really cool getting to meet Elia. I really enjoyed getting to look at her art work and seeing her inspirations and motivations as well.


Week 10: Artist Conversation- Dawn Ertl


This week I got the chance to meet Dawn Ertl in the Max Gatov East gallery. I was interested in her art show because it looked very interesting and it got my attention. She made her art work with speakers that had songs playing during the show. Dawn made her art work to have the feeling of a lot going on at the same time, like she someone gets overwhelmed walking through the street, which is why she added speakers to add music.

On the other part of her art show, Dawn had weaving coming down from the ceiling which represents the different weather patterns. The reason why Dawn did this art project was because she wants to demonstrate environmental issues through her work. She tried to use colors that went together and used colors that went with weather colors because she was aiming for contrast colors.

Dawn’s art work included plastic bags, some straws and pieces of plastic bottles. Her music notations were based on the song “Wait” by M83 which were added to the art work shown above. Dawn said that because she moves her art pieces in and out of her box, the architecture of it changes as she displays it everytime.

This was the last show of Dawn’s because it was her thesis. Dawn has always been interested in political issues but she has a bigger interest on environmental issues. Her art work was more about our relationship to the environments and how the way we treat each other also affects the environment. It was great getting to meet Dawn and seeing how she supports the environmental issues through her creative art skills.