Week 12: Artist Conversation- Katherine Cox

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This week I got to learn about the artist who created this amazing art work in the Dutzi Gallery. Her name is Katherine Cox who created porcelain vessels that had carvings which showed patterns and narratives because her hope was to create a dialogue between two people to change these narratives. The dialogue is about the ideals of the domestic within the home, the United States, and how it all affects the people.

I have always been interested in ceramics and always found it to be very interesting. Even though I have never personally done any time of ceramics work, I have always admired those who could because its amazing how people can do many things through ceramics. Just like how Katherine did using ceramics to create vessels.

Katherine says that her approach to carving the surfaces of her ceramic work is informed not only by precedents from the field of ceramics, but also from her experience of working with textiles and weaving. She says that she has found enjoyment in creating forms, patterns, and narratives that combine into an object that reflects her experiences and inspirations. She does her work based on inspirations from many artist and her experiences are inspired through her choices of imagery.

It was great getting to know the reason behind Katherine’s work. I was very interested in her work when I went inside the gallery because her work was amazing. Getting to know her inspirations really make her work even more amazing. I admire her talent and the time she used to be able to create the great pieces of art work.


Week 12: Conversation- Veronica Gomez


This week I got the chance to meet Veronica Gomez. She is a second year at csulb. We actually had a lot in common because we both are a Child Development major. She lives near the school in Norwalk so she commutes to school.

Veronica and I were both pre nursing students and we both switched to child development which was cool. She said she switched to child development because she likes children and she wanted to work with them as a Child Life Specialist. She told me that she also has another one of my classes which was cool because now i met a new friend for two classes.

She is the oldest of 2 children and her youngest sibling is her younger brother who is 2 years apart from her. Veronica likes to go to Disneyland and really likes to go to Disneyland California Adventure. I told her that i go often to Six Flags ans she has not gone. She has not really been on big roller coaster rides and says she might check out Six Flags over the summer.

Something else we had in common was that she likes seafood just like me. I also really like Alfredo and she told me she does as well so I recommended her the pasta from Olive Garden and she wants to go try it out. Veronica really enjoyed the plaster and graffiti activity in class and says it was her favorite activity this semester.

Overall it was really great getting to meet Veronica because she was very nice and friendly. I think it was awesome that I now know we have another class in common. It was great getting to meet another person with the same major as me because we had a lot to talk about. I think its great getting to meet people with the same interest as me and it was cool learning the many things we both had in common.

Week 11: Activity- Sculpture


This week’s activity, we got the opportunity to do a sculpture. Initially, I began with plaster and tried to do my sculpture that way but it took too long to dry. I then decided to use cement. I did this activity in a backyard, so I used some sand and placed it inside a hole that was dug up. Using water, the sand got harder and easier to work with.

This activity was interesting because I had never done a sculpture or used plaster before. The plaster seemed fine when it was mixed but it never got dried completely. Using cement was a second option because it was mentioned in class that it could be used. Although it would have been fun to use plaster to create the sculpture, it was also good getting to use cement.

I think why I liked the activity the most was getting to do it because I had never bought sand before or used cement. When I was using the cement it was very difficult getting out of my hands because all the rocks and how fast it dries up. Cleaning up was also difficult because the cement was drying up in the barrel.

Overall, this week’s activity was a great experience because I have never made a sculpture using cement or plaster. I definitely could have done a better job with the plaster to create my sculpture that way but it was still a fun experience doing it out of cement. I think its great getting to experience new things.

Week 11: Artist conversation- Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse

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This week I got the chance to interview two great artist in the Merlino art gallery, Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse. They both created such amazing pieces of art. When I first walked into the gallery, I was very interested in all the cool pieces and how different this art show was. Both artist met around a year ago since they kept having the same classes. They decided to combine their talent and do this art show which they built in a garage.

They took 3 months to make all the pieces and only 15 hours to put them together which is quite some time. All the walls in the gallery were covered with their drawing and painting which is why it took some time. Their title was “5620” which they got from the only identifying number and place they work.

Jerry Pena grew up in Long Beach which is why he wants to go to LA. He started off with just drawing but he did not feel like he was that good in high school. He came to csulb as a psychology major but he found himself always doodling in class and decided he was in the wrong major. He is now on his way to getting a BFA in drawing and painting.

Kyle Kruse began as a student at csulb as undeclared and then transferred into BFA in printmaking. Their motive was to create an environment that had trash on the floor because the environment we live in and where grew up in, inspired them to do so.They had a bumper by the door and their intention was to have the bumper by the entrance and exit to use it as a frame to the paintings in the gallery. It was great getting to meet both Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse this week because they did such a good job with their art show.

Week 11: Conversation- Lahya Woodruff


This week I got to meet Lahya Woodruff. She is a second year student at csulb and is under the Human Development major. Lahya likes her major and csulb was her first choice. She dormed her first year but then met a couple of friends who all got an apartment together. She takes the bus to herself to school.

Lahya lives in Hawthorn which is not that far from school. She decided to go to csulb because it was the best local school option for her. She works at YMCA and she says that it is a lot of work because of all the events they plan and working with kids.

Lahya loves animals and at first wanted to become a veterinarian but csulb does not offer that major. We both found that we like olive garden, especially their pasta. We both also like shopping and she says she likes to go thrifting. A place she would like to go to would be Guam or Fiji because she would like to go somewhere tropical.

Something else we both had in common was that we both like to go out to eat. She loves seafood which is another thing in common because I love seafood. A hobby of hers is going hiking and she would also like to go to Coachella this year. It was great getting to meet Lahya. We had a lot of things in common which was great because it is always great meeting someone with similar interest.

Week 10: Activity- Students Choice

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This week the Art 110 activity is a students choice one. I wasn’t so sure what I was going to do at first because I don’t consider myself to be very artistic. Then I decided I would do a landscape photograph because I have always admired those types of pictures.

I chose to do the Japanese Garden landscape at CSULB because I think it is so beautiful. What really inspired me to do this landscape was my admiration towards peaceful, relaxing places. I first when to the Japanese gardens to see how it was like and was so impressed with all the plants and trees there were. There were even fishes in the water which i found to be pretty cool and they allowed you to feed them as well.

I tried to capture the image to include as much nature and green as possible. I wanted the picture to show how amazing the gardens and i was glad that I could capture as much through the first image. I have always found photography to be amazing and have always admired such great scenery.

My landscape photograph experience was great because I was able to use my interest in photographing and be able to capture a great view. The gardens at CSULB is a great peaceful place to have on campus and its great that it looks very awesome as well. Overall, this experience was great because I have not done much photography, it has always been something I have admired but never really aimed to do, so it was great getting to take a couple of awesome pictures.

Week 10: Artist Conversation- Dawn Ertl


This week I got the chance to meet Dawn Ertl in the Max Gatov East gallery. I was interested in her art show because it looked very interesting and it got my attention. She made her art work with speakers that had songs playing during the show. Dawn made her art work to have the feeling of a lot going on at the same time, like she someone gets overwhelmed walking through the street, which is why she added speakers to add music.

On the other part of her art show, Dawn had weaving coming down from the ceiling which represents the different weather patterns. The reason why Dawn did this art project was because she wants to demonstrate environmental issues through her work. She tried to use colors that went together and used colors that went with weather colors because she was aiming for contrast colors.

Dawn’s art work included plastic bags, some straws and pieces of plastic bottles. Her music notations were based on the song “Wait” by M83 which were added to the art work shown above. Dawn said that because she moves her art pieces in and out of her box, the architecture of it changes as she displays it everytime.

This was the last show of Dawn’s because it was her thesis. Dawn has always been interested in political issues but she has a bigger interest on environmental issues. Her art work was more about our relationship to the environments and how the way we treat each other also affects the environment. It was great getting to meet Dawn and seeing how she supports the environmental issues through her creative art skills.