Week 15: Conversation- Eduardo Catalan


This week I got to meet Eduardo Catalan and he is a second year student at CSULB. Eduardo is a mathematics major but he started off as undeclared and decided he wanted to do math because he actually really enjoys math. He hopes to do teaching with his degree but he is still not sure.

Eduardo is 19 years old and lives in the city of Long Beach which is convenient since he comes to CSULB. He takes the bus to school every day since it is very convenient. He likes it because he lives like 20 minutes away so it is not a long bus ride. One of Eduardo’s favorite hobbies are to read, he loves it. His favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo because Dracula is on the book. Eduardo find reading very relaxing that’s why he likes it because since he has a part time job, it is nice to sit down every once in a while and read.

Eduardo has a job which is really close to the school. He works at McDonald’s. He also has 3 siblings, 2 sisters and 1 brother. Two of his siblings are older than him and he is the second to last sibling because he has a younger sister. Eduardo was born in Mexico but ever since he came here at the age of 5 he hasn’t gone out of the U.S. But he would like to go so he can see people and family.

Some of the places Eduardo would like to go see is definitely Mexico but he would also like to see England or Spain because he would like to see their perspective of the culture. He also thinks visiting Arabia would be nice but only if his Arab improves because he taught himself the language since he once had a girlfriend that was Arabian. Eduardo loves pizza, he could eat it every day. He also eats a lot of Carl’s Jr on campus but he doesn’t mind spending on the food since he likes to run as well. Eduardo is not picky with his food so he does not have a food that he dislikes.

He likes art because he likes to admire the many different types of art. He also likes ancient art which was cool because I find ancient art pretty cool. Some of his favorite art types are portraits and painting. It was great getting to meet Eduardo. He seemed very nice and it was cool getting to see how he also liked the same type of art as I did which I think is very cool, getting to meet people who share similar interest or different interest.


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