Week 14: Conversation-Natsuki Fukayama


This week I got to meet Natsuki and she is a second year student in college and she took her second year at csulb. Natsuki is a foreign exchange student that is only in school for this year and she is going to go back to Japan in a month. She is very excited to go back to Japan because she will be with her family and friends but she is still going to miss the friends she made here in Long Beach.

Natsuki was born in Japan and lived there for a couple years. Because of her dads work she moves back and forth from Japan. She moved back when she was in 4th grade and she wanted to go to csulb because of the experience although she plans on finishing her college career back in Japan.

Natsuki is a a film major at csulb. She dorms at Beachside which is cool because I dorm at Beachside as well. Since she went to college her first year in Japan she is moving back pretty soon and she says that she missed the food a lot from back home. That is one thing she really looks forward to. Natsuki is taking 5 classes this semester which is can be overwhelming for her sometimes.

She really likes to watch movies on her free time. She normally watches movies is she is not trying to study. Another hobby that Natsuki likes to do is go to the beach with her friends. Natsuki also likes to go with her friends to look for coffee shops which is cool because she gets to try many different ones. A show that we had in common that we liked as Pretty Little Liars but she recently stopped watching it. One of Natsuki’s favorite movies is Perks of Being a Wallflower which she really recommends to me because I have not seen that movie yet. It was great getting to meet Natsuki. I got to learn a lot about her experience here in csulb and im glad i got to meet her.


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