Week 13: Conversation- Maddy Vanderberg

IMG_2510 (1)This week I got to meet Maddy. She is also a second year at csulb just like I am. She is a Liberal Arts major but she says that she would like to change it. She is interested in maybe marketing or psychology as another major. She would like to use her major to become a teacher later on in the future.

Maddy hopes to change her major if possible before she becomes a junior because she will no longer have enough time to change it. Her favorite class is her History class because she really likes History. She says that History is one of her favorite subjects. She would really like to minor or major in history but the reason why she did not chose that major was because she did not really see a lot of career options for that major.

She comes from Long Beach and she chose csulb because it was really close to her home. Although she lives really close by she still decided to dorm at Parkside her first year because she wanted to experience dorming. Maddy says that she did not really interact with many of her suit mates at parkside but she did become really close to her roommate and they are actually taking art together.

Something Maddy really enjoys to do is go out to eat which we both had in common. Her favorite movie is “Just Friends” which I will need to watch because I have never seen that movie. It was really cool getting to meet Maddy this week. We got along great and got to share some of out interest.


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