Week 13: Artist Conversation- Marty Knop

IMG_2515 IMG_2514 IMG_2513

This week in the art galleries i came upon these art pieces in the Werby Art Gallery which really got my attention. I admire abstract work which is what really caught my attention. The artist who created these art pieces is named Marty Knob. He did this art show as his thesis exhibition which I thought was pretty good.

The first image shown above took him about 3 weeks to complete. The images were a screen layer and then hand printed later. Marty used a software to create these images which was pretty cool. He feels like the software is not intended for art but he still likes it anyways.The other images that are black and white come out as black and white when printed and he has a lot of control for the graphics.

The goal of Marty was to create a generative art that was made through algorithms. He has had practice with web design which he was able to use to transfer that skill into his art. What Marty hopes to do it take that apps he used to make this art show and make it available for other people. He is very interested in taking that skill of networking and pulling resources and taking it to other people.

The main thing for Marty is to be able to get over the fear of not doing a good job and be patient to get it done because it can be difficult. It was great getting to see the great art work shown in the galleries. Marty did a great job with his show. I liked that up close I was so confused at whether the art was painted, drawn, or printed because of the great job he did.


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