Week 12: Conversation- Veronica Gomez


This week I got the chance to meet Veronica Gomez. She is a second year at csulb. We actually had a lot in common because we both are a Child Development major. She lives near the school in Norwalk so she commutes to school.

Veronica and I were both pre nursing students and we both switched to child development which was cool. She said she switched to child development because she likes children and she wanted to work with them as a Child Life Specialist. She told me that she also has another one of my classes which was cool because now i met a new friend for two classes.

She is the oldest of 2 children and her youngest sibling is her younger brother who is 2 years apart from her. Veronica likes to go to Disneyland and really likes to go to Disneyland California Adventure. I told her that i go often to Six Flags ans she has not gone. She has not really been on big roller coaster rides and says she might check out Six Flags over the summer.

Something else we had in common was that she likes seafood just like me. I also really like Alfredo and she told me she does as well so I recommended her the pasta from Olive Garden and she wants to go try it out. Veronica really enjoyed the plaster and graffiti activity in class and says it was her favorite activity this semester.

Overall it was really great getting to meet Veronica because she was very nice and friendly. I think it was awesome that I now know we have another class in common. It was great getting to meet another person with the same major as me because we had a lot to talk about. I think its great getting to meet people with the same interest as me and it was cool learning the many things we both had in common.


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