Week 12: Artist Conversation- Katherine Cox

IMG_2476 IMG_2475 IMG_2474

This week I got to learn about the artist who created this amazing art work in the Dutzi Gallery. Her name is Katherine Cox who created porcelain vessels that had carvings which showed patterns and narratives because her hope was to create a dialogue between two people to change these narratives. The dialogue is about the ideals of the domestic within the home, the United States, and how it all affects the people.

I have always been interested in ceramics and always found it to be very interesting. Even though I have never personally done any time of ceramics work, I have always admired those who could because its amazing how people can do many things through ceramics. Just like how Katherine did using ceramics to create vessels.

Katherine says that her approach to carving the surfaces of her ceramic work is informed not only by precedents from the field of ceramics, but also from her experience of working with textiles and weaving. She says that she has found enjoyment in creating forms, patterns, and narratives that combine into an object that reflects her experiences and inspirations. She does her work based on inspirations from many artist and her experiences are inspired through her choices of imagery.

It was great getting to know the reason behind Katherine’s work. I was very interested in her work when I went inside the gallery because her work was amazing. Getting to know her inspirations really make her work even more amazing. I admire her talent and the time she used to be able to create the great pieces of art work.


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