Week 12: Activity- Algorithmic Art

1. Grab a piece of paper, ruler (or anything to trace a line), scissors, and a pencil.

2. From one edge of the paper fold it to create a triangle, but a long rectangle shape hanging out


3. Grab the scissors and cut the long rectangle.


4. The paper should look like a square, trace the line that was used to fold the paper

5. Fold the other edge of the paper to connect to the opposite side and trace the line

6. Fold the paper in half creating a long rectangle like the one cut and trace the line

7. Do the same as step 6 but with the side of the paper that hasn’t been folded creating a cross.


8. On every tip of the paper, fold it to the center creating a smaller square and trace the lines.


9. Grab the paper and fold one half of the paper to the center just like step 8 but the long side instead. Do this to both sides of the paper and trace


10. Repeat step 9 but onto the sides that have not been folded and trace.


11. You can grab a marker to trace it and color it of your choice and your done

IMG_2492 IMG_2494

This week I got the chance to do a procedural art. I have always thought it was cool how you can create many cool patterns through other shapes which is why I got inspired to do an abstract drawing. Being able to fold a paper in many ways repetitively and have a cool finished drawing is very amazing. My idea for this procedure was to create a cool abstract image with the similar shapes and make it look even better adding some type of color into it.

The result of my procedure actually turned out better than i thought because the color added so much more abstract detail to my drawing. I envisioned an image that had the same shapes but put the shapes in a pattern in which would result into a cool image. I found it even more cool that my results came from just folding the paper in many ways and tracing the lines to get that result. Not only did I like my results but I also enjoyed being able to create something like this as well.


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