Week 11: Conversation- Lahya Woodruff


This week I got to meet Lahya Woodruff. She is a second year student at csulb and is under the Human Development major. Lahya likes her major and csulb was her first choice. She dormed her first year but then met a couple of friends who all got an apartment together. She takes the bus to herself to school.

Lahya lives in Hawthorn which is not that far from school. She decided to go to csulb because it was the best local school option for her. She works at YMCA and she says that it is a lot of work because of all the events they plan and working with kids.

Lahya loves animals and at first wanted to become a veterinarian but csulb does not offer that major. We both found that we like olive garden, especially their pasta. We both also like shopping and she says she likes to go thrifting. A place she would like to go to would be Guam or Fiji because she would like to go somewhere tropical.

Something else we both had in common was that we both like to go out to eat. She loves seafood which is another thing in common because I love seafood. A hobby of hers is going hiking and she would also like to go to Coachella this year. It was great getting to meet Lahya. We had a lot of things in common which was great because it is always great meeting someone with similar interest.


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