Week 11: Artist conversation- Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse

IMG_2434 IMG_2433

This week I got the chance to interview two great artist in the Merlino art gallery, Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse. They both created such amazing pieces of art. When I first walked into the gallery, I was very interested in all the cool pieces and how different this art show was. Both artist met around a year ago since they kept having the same classes. They decided to combine their talent and do this art show which they built in a garage.

They took 3 months to make all the pieces and only 15 hours to put them together which is quite some time. All the walls in the gallery were covered with their drawing and painting which is why it took some time. Their title was “5620” which they got from the only identifying number and place they work.

Jerry Pena grew up in Long Beach which is why he wants to go to LA. He started off with just drawing but he did not feel like he was that good in high school. He came to csulb as a psychology major but he found himself always doodling in class and decided he was in the wrong major. He is now on his way to getting a BFA in drawing and painting.

Kyle Kruse began as a student at csulb as undeclared and then transferred into BFA in printmaking. Their motive was to create an environment that had trash on the floor because the environment we live in and where grew up in, inspired them to do so.They had a bumper by the door and their intention was to have the bumper by the entrance and exit to use it as a frame to the paintings in the gallery. It was great getting to meet both Jerry Pena and Kyle Kruse this week because they did such a good job with their art show.


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