Week 11: Activity- Sculpture


This week’s activity, we got the opportunity to do a sculpture. Initially, I began with plaster and tried to do my sculpture that way but it took too long to dry. I then decided to use cement. I did this activity in a backyard, so I used some sand and placed it inside a hole that was dug up. Using water, the sand got harder and easier to work with.

This activity was interesting because I had never done a sculpture or used plaster before. The plaster seemed fine when it was mixed but it never got dried completely. Using cement was a second option because it was mentioned in class that it could be used. Although it would have been fun to use plaster to create the sculpture, it was also good getting to use cement.

I think why I liked the activity the most was getting to do it because I had never bought sand before or used cement. When I was using the cement it was very difficult getting out of my hands because all the rocks and how fast it dries up. Cleaning up was also difficult because the cement was drying up in the barrel.

Overall, this week’s activity was a great experience because I have never made a sculpture using cement or plaster. I definitely could have done a better job with the plaster to create my sculpture that way but it was still a fun experience doing it out of cement. I think its great getting to experience new things.


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