Week 10: Activity- Students Choice

phoneee 051  phoneee 052

This week the Art 110 activity is a students choice one. I wasn’t so sure what I was going to do at first because I don’t consider myself to be very artistic. Then I decided I would do a landscape photograph because I have always admired those types of pictures.

I chose to do the Japanese Garden landscape at CSULB because I think it is so beautiful. What really inspired me to do this landscape was my admiration towards peaceful, relaxing places. I first when to the Japanese gardens to see how it was like and was so impressed with all the plants and trees there were. There were even fishes in the water which i found to be pretty cool and they allowed you to feed them as well.

I tried to capture the image to include as much nature and green as possible. I wanted the picture to show how amazing the gardens and i was glad that I could capture as much through the first image. I have always found photography to be amazing and have always admired such great scenery.

My landscape photograph experience was great because I was able to use my interest in photographing and be able to capture a great view. The gardens at CSULB is a great peaceful place to have on campus and its great that it looks very awesome as well. Overall, this experience was great because I have not done much photography, it has always been something I have admired but never really aimed to do, so it was great getting to take a couple of awesome pictures.


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