Week 10: Conversation- Valeria Garcia


This week I met Valeria Garcia. She is a second year at csulb just like i am. Valeria is a business finance major. Since she is taking more courses related to her major now, she really likes the classes she is taking. I think that is pretty good because as her major, she is learning what she actually likes.

Valeria commutes to school because she lives close to the campus. She was born and raised in Long Beach, although she is currently living with her husband, which they both go to csulb. Valeria says that she likes the city of Long Beach which is something we had in common because I like Long Beach as well.

Valeria is currently working at Hof’s Hut. Her first job was when she was 18 and she worked at Subway. Something we both had in common was that she also watches makeup videos on Youtube as well and we both also like Netflix. We both have also gone to a Dodgers game although she is not a big fan but she liked the experience.

A cool thing I got to learn from Valeria was that she has a twin sister. They are fraternal twins and both go to CSULB together. Valeria and her sister both are business and finance majors which is awesome because they both enjoy the same thing. Valeria likes to go to the laugh factory for fun on her spare time as well. It was great getting to meet Valeria, I got to meet someone I have a couple things similar with and learn more about them too.


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