Week 9: Conversation- Angelica Palad


This week i got the chance to meet Angelica Palad. I met her in the student art galleries at csulb. Angelica is a first year at csulb with a major in Nutrition. She plans on becoming a Registered Dietitian which is something i find interesting because i considered nutrition as well. Angelica lives in the San Joaquin Valley which is a couple hours away. Since her home not very close, she decided to stay on campus her first year.

Angelica lives at parkside college which is the on campus housing at csulb. She says that she gets tired of being so close to the school sometimes. That is why she tries to go home very often. Angelica does not have a car with her but she knows how to drive because her parents weren’t sure about her driving in the city. She has friends that live close to her home which is how she tries to go home as often.

Something Angelica and I had in common was that we both like makeup. She likes both drawing and makeup and she has been watching makeup videos on Youtube since 7th grade. I watch online videos as well and i found it interesting how we had that in common because most people do not have the time for that.

Angelica also likes to go to the gym as a hobby. She also likes the area of Long Beach which is something else we had in common. It was great getting to meet Angelica this week. I got the chance to met someone that has similar interest as me which was great!


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