Week 9: Artist Interview- Sheila Rodriguez

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This week, in the student art galleries, i walked into the Merlino gallery and i saw some amazing work. At first i was confused on what i was exactly looking at but then as i looked around i realized that there were pictures on the wood which made it very interesting. I saw many strings coming down from the wood and realized that they looked like roots. On the wall of the gallery, there was a list of the names of the places that were on the pictures, which i found to be very informational. I realized that art can be expressive and allows the artist to be able to express their life through art.

The artist who created this was Sheila Rodriguez. Sheila has a background in drawing and painting which she used as a way to draw as she weaves. She works with both texture and color of threads. Sheila see’s threads as an “externalized internal networks and connections that can either be biological or metaphysical”. Since Sheila moved a lot when she was younger, she was not able to have a permanent home. She comes from a family that has moved a lot because of the fact that her parents married and remarried very often.

Through this amazing art, Sheila was able to express her life through wood with pictures of homes and places, that can symbolize her life. She added the cool texture of roots to add to the meaning of what it is to be a home. Sheila expressed that many people have homes and can be connected to them through memories and experiences, but because she moved around a lot she was not able to develop the connections in that way.

Sheila considers the word home to be a “contingent” meaning “without permanence. She finds it fascinating how an architectural form  and structure can be a big influence on the human environment. I think what Sheila created is very amazing because she was able to tie in her life and experiences to her art in such a fascinating way. She described a different approach to the meaning of home and her perspective of that as well which i found to be a great way to combine in her art work.


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