Week 9: Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

Cognitive Map
Cognitive Map
Redesigned Building
Redesigned Building

Although i think CSULB has a great campus already, i do have a couple ideas on how i would redesign the campus. The way i drew my redesign was moving the library by USU building towards the center as well because i know how it can be a hassle on students who are on the opposite side of the campus who want to go to the library. I put the library towards the middle so it can be convenient to all the students. I added another parking structure by the pyramid because parking is one of the main issues students have with the campus.

I also decided to move all the art, design, and dance building where the PH builidng would normally be on. I think it would be more convenient to have those department together. I also moved the FCS building and the nursing building where brotman hall would normally be and move brotman hall behind the library.

On my cognitive map, i drew the campus with as much as i can remember. When i was done and looked at the real map i realized i missed a couple of buildings and things. I think i was only able to remember the buildings that i normally walk by and spend time on.

Inside FCS
Inside FCS

The building i decided to chose was the Family and Consumer Science (FCS) building. The reason why i decided to chose this building was because my majors are both under this department. I also think that the inside of the building looks great with the painting on the walls which was another reason that i got curious to learn more about it.

The Family and Consumer Science building is currently one of the largest departments that CSULB has. The department has over 2200 students who have either majors, minors, graduate, and certificate under FCS. Although i was very interested in learning more about the building from someone who works there, i could not find a main office or anyone who knew enough about the building.

However, i did meet a girl who has a class in that building and asked her a couple of questions. She has been taking classes at the FCS building since her freshman year and she is on her third year under Child Development. She likes the building and how welcoming it feels since it has a day care next to it and the only thing she did not like is having the restroom upstairs.


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