Week 8: Conversation- Alexx Dunk


This week, i got to meet Alexx Dunk. She is from San Diego, which is pretty cool because i have never been there. She is a senior at csulb with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. I think that is really cool because i find science interesting and she gets to do both biology and chemistry. Alexx intends to become a dentist with her major and minor.

Since Alexx is from San Diego, she dormed at beachside her first year, which is where i am dorming. Then she moved out and has been renting ever since. She says that she goes home pretty often. She also has a dog and a cat back at home and she also has two guinea pigs in her current home.

Some of Alexx’s hobbies are snowboarding, which is cool because i have never snowboarded before. She also likes to skateboard and would like to start running as well. She also enjoys to cook which is something i would like to get better at so i find that cool. She also likes to play the guitar as well which is cool because i dont know how to play any instruments.

Even though Alexx currently works at hooters, she is still looking for a job which is something i am also looking for. She likes to go to El Torito and i have never been there but i like buffalo wild wings and Alexx also likes wings but from where she works. Overall, it was cool getting to met Alexx, i got to see someone else’s interest and hobbies which is pretty cool because most of her interest are pretty different than mine which i find awesome being able to meet different people.


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