Week 8: Artist Conversation- Brian Davis

IMG_2258 IMG_2257 IMG_2256

This week i got the chance to interview Brian Davis. I was very interested in what he had in the Max Gatov Gallery. What Brian did was something very different because he was actually doing juices for people who visited which i thought was so cool. He is a ceramic artist which is why he made his own cups. He also has a huge collection of ceramic cups.

Brian was first introduced to juicing when he visited South Korea which inspired him on natural food because South Korea has a lot of that. He gets his fruits and vegetables from a Korean store which is all organic. But he also has his own organic garden in his back yard which i think is really cool! The reason Brian decided to do juicing as part of his show was because he to be able to give us fruit and vegetable juices to make us feel better.

He would like to start an artist residency because he wants his own area to be able to juice. He would like to be in Greece but maybe Maui, but he is actually moving to Italy pretty soon. Throughout the show he was able to inform us about nutrients and how very little nutrients are lost with juicing. Brian used his own personal machines which costed him a couple hundred dollars but he says it is worth it. He juices every 3 or so days as well.

Brian knows how to make juices now and what to add but when he first started he did not know how to very well. He knows by experience to what goes together. I was lucky enough to get a taste of his carrot juice and it was so good. I think it was cool that Brian decided to do this for people. Its not only cool to see this but also very healthy because he gets to inform us a bit more of what he knows and inspires to what to start juicing as well.


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