Week 7: Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse

In this weeks activity, I wasnt so sure what I wanted to do because its kind of hard to think of how i would imagine my corpse. So i decided to think of something that has been bad for my health and i thought of how stressful I always seem to be. The reason i choice stress was because I have a problem dealing with stress. Sometimes it consumes me and I do impulsive things and not think straight.

In my landscape I chose a desk filled with papers and a book to show how overwhelmed I am. I know that i am not the only one that deals with stress but i felt like it was the most appropriate way of me imagining my departure. I become overwhelmed by many things, not just related to work and school but for my landscape i decided to show how much it can feel at times.

In the past i have suffered from migraines and I get headaches occasionally now but when i do i always take pain killers because it can become that bad. Sometimes i can just wake up with a headache in the morning which is why i decided to show some pills on the desk as well. Not as a form of overdosing at all, my purpose was to just add the detail of my headaches that occur and how i have to take pain killers because it becomes that bad.

This activity was kind of difficult for me to chose a way I would imagine my departure. I try to handle my stress better now that i have acknowledged how serious it can be which is why i decided to do it. I know that in the long run if i don’t try to manage my schedule better it can be dangerous for my health, which is why i decided to imagine myself in the future if i don’t stop getting so overwhelmed.



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