Week 7: Conversation- Monica Navarro


This week I got the chance to meet Monica Navarro. She is a third year at csulb. She is in the sociology program hoping to graduate in a year or two. It was cool talking to monica because we were able to talk about a few things like our majors. We talked about that for a while and I was telling her my situation and she told me about her friend that is in the same major as me and what he is doing now with his degree.

Monica told me how she likes criminal justice as well, and although she is already in the sociology program she is still thinking about other options and she would like to do criminal justice. I think being in school surrounded by many other majors it allows students to find other interest and many end up changing their major. Which is how we related because I began with a different major and switch and she was saying how she was thinking about doing the same.

We talked about that for a while but we also talked about where were from and she is from Bellflower which is pretty close so she commutes. I told her that i dorm on campus and she told me that she was thinking about doing the same her first year but her mom told her that she lives really close so she can just commute. She also works at a park in bellflower.

Monica lived in Los Angeles until she was in first grade and them moved to bellflower, which is cool because i lived in l.a. until i was in fourth grade. She played soccer when she was in high school and played in college in a club team. It was cool getting to meet Monica, we were able to relate to a couple of things which was really cool because i find it interesting getting to meet people who you can share interest with.


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