Week 7: Artist Conversation – Julie Angulo

       IMG_2207 IMG_2206

On this weeks artist conversation, i got the chance to met Julie Angulo. She presented her photography in the Merlino gallery of her sister. When i first walked in i was a bit confused because i did not understand the meaning on the pictures. She made it interesting cutting out the pieces of her sister on the pictures. Julie really likes photography which is why she did this project.

Her purpose of this began with her sisters departure. Her main base is in El Paso, Texas but she was deployed to Kuwait. Julie also has a brother and she says that they are all very close. It was hard on all of them when she left because of how close they all are. Her sister should be coming back in July or august but she still communicates with her constantly like every couple of days but becomes difficult with the time difference. She said that it was hard at first because her sister did not have a phone at first but then she got internet so they were able to communicate more.

Julie mainly does photography, but she recently started doing more metals and she likes crafts as well. In her photographs of her sister she used a Canyon 60D camera to capture the images. The pictures really did look cool because at first i wasn’t sure what i was looking at but then you can see that all the pictures has images of the army. Some were of her sister surrounded with people from the army as well.

It was cool getting to interview Julie because I understand why she decided to do this art work. She was very close to her sister and it was hard for her to get used to being without her. She did a Residual, which is the culmination of her and her family’s past two years of life and seeks the interconnection of their life choices. I think it was amazing to see someone be able to express their feelings of her sisters departure. I can kind of relate because my sister will soon be leaving to the army for the first time and it will be hard for my family and i. Which is why i admire Julie being able to share her story with us and use her artistic skills to show the photography in a creative way.


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