Week 6: Conversation- Kasi Gibo


This week I got the opportunity to meet Kasi Gibo. I met her as i was looking through the art in the FA2 building. She is a 4 year at CSULB which is cool because i am only on my second year. This is her last semester before she graduates as a communication major. She is taking Art 110 as an elective because she needs more units to graduate. Kasi lives in Cybress, which is pretty close to the school and she commutes as well. She has lived in Cybress her whole life which is cool because I have lived in 2 different places my whole life.

In high school she did track and cross country and basketball as well. She does not continue to do any sports anymore except running, she says that she still likes running. Kasi has 2 older siblings and they are all girls which is something we had in common because I have all sisters as well except I am the oldest of 4. Kasi says that she is really close to her sisters and they are all 2 years apart. She has never and her own room, but doesnt mind sharing because she find it fun. She says that she feels like she is sharing a room with a friend.

Kasi works at Northstrom as a makeup artist. She got her cosmetology degree while she was attending school. I thought that was really cool because she was able to balance out both schools as once. She really likes cosmetology which is cool because we have that in common. I would like to go to cosmetology school some day but it seems kind of difficult at the moment. Kasi said she would like to work with cosmetology as a career and use her communications degree to move up with corporate.

It was great getting to met Kasi, I thought it was cool that we both had the interest in cosmetology the same. Except that she was able to balance out beauty school and going to csulb as well. I thought that was admirable because it was probably not that easy. It was great getting to meet someone that has some similar things in common and being able to find an interest to talk about.


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