Week 6: Artist Conversation-Emily Babbette

Party Foul
High Priestess, Justice

This week for my artist interview i got the chance to meet Emily Babbette. Her art work is really impressive. When i was looking through the art gallery I came across the drawings above. It really caught my eye because they seemed very good. The detail in the drawings was so good, I was really impressed. So i decided i needed to interview that artist. When i did, emily said that all her drawings were from observation. And it is kind of obvious from her drawings in the art gallery that they were people she got to draw. She said that the drawings in black and gray were the only ones made up.

The people she gets to draw really relate to her style which is why she likes it because she likes what they use because it is perfect for her to draw. She is able to get into the detail of the drawings very well. She said that drawing is a continuous process, like sculpting. Each one takes about 40 hours to complete in total but like around 12 of just drawing the people. The rest of the time goes towards doing it at home. She likes to paint but she loves drawing. She started painting seriously around 2 years ago .

Emily’s drawings are all charcoal. She tries to make her drawings as natural as possible. She wants to express musical subculture. Which is why she she picks people she knows personally to draw and they also like to be a part of the art. Emily said that there were two artist in the Max L Gatov gallery, and they both agreed to have the same theme. More in the darker side but have similar formats and both using charcoal, which i found cool because that made the gallery look very impressive which is what caught my eye at first.

Overall, this week was pretty interesting. I was able to meet an amazing artist. Her work was really good. I thought that it was really cool how talented she was in the way that she was able to draw every detail into her drawings. I also found it cool that she collaborated with the other artist in the gallery to have the same theme because that made the experience much more interesting.


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