Week 6: Activity- Yarn Bombing

IMG_2200 IMG_2192 IMG_2191

In this weeks activity I got the chance to get creative with fiber. I decided to cut up a shirt of mine at try to come up with some type of weird design on my bed. I though it was cool because I was able to get as creative as I wanted to and it allows people to be expressive like in the video shown in class. At first I thought it was going to be something easy, but as i was cutting up my shirt, i realized it wasnt as easy as i thought because I couldnt think of anywhere and anything to do with it. But when I started I thought it was fun!

I think my yarn bombing experience compares to my graffiti writing experience because it allows you to get as creative as you want. People are able to express their artistic talent in both. When I did the graffiti experience, I had a lot of fun because I was able to get as creative as I wanted and when I realized that yarn bombing does the same, i liked both.

I think that in most societies it would seem masculine to do bombing with paint but personally I dont think so because i think anyone who has that type of interest can do it whether it a man or female. Same with bombing with yarn, most would say that it is more feminine because women are the ones who use yarn more but anyone can do it. I recall that in class when the instructor asked who was interested in yarn bombing the only person i say was a guy raise his hand and i found it cool that its not just women who would have an interest. Most people based on stereotypes believe a man to be feminine if he uses yarn but i think that as long as that person has an interest in something it doesnt matter whether its viewed masculine or feminine, so yes, i do think that it is an invalid stereotype.

I think that painting and fiber are both a type of art because in my opinion art is what you want to express and if it is through painting or fiber arts then they are both considered art. I also think that our culture valuing the things men do more than women is very controversial and I would say that there are many things that can be valued more by men but women have also been valued that same so I think it just depends on peoples beliefs and ideas.

Overall, being able to do a yarn bombing was pretty cool. I dont think I was able to be any where near as good as the people shown on the video but i was trying to use the creativity in me to try to come up with something i can do in my dorm room. After this activity i think that yarn bombing is actually really cool because it allows you to get as creative as you want just like painting, drawing, etc. I was also able to see some art work in the FO2 building before class and was impressed with how creative some people can get with art. I saw like a sculpture kind of thing in a corner that has pieces of like glass which i thought was so cool and i also saw alot of paintings on the walls which i also thought was cool how people can display their art pieces in the hall.


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