Week 4: Conversation- Sarah Schneider


This week I got to meet Sarah Schneider at the Student Art Galleries at CSULB. She is a second year students at csulb just like me. She lives really close to the school, which is why she commutes. Thats cool because i live pretty far and i have to dorm on campus and she lives like 15 minutes away which is so convenient, especially for a college student.

Sarah is a Human Development major which is cool because I thought about persuing that major before I switched to Child Development. She says that she has already completed all her pre requisite courses and is just taking GE courses now. One of Sarahs favorite hobbies is bowling. I think thats cool because bowling is fun, I like it as well, and its cool to see other people enjoy bowling. She likes to watch Netflix which was something we both have in common, since I live in the dorms i dont have any t.v so i watch a lot of netflix and it was cool that we both like to watch it as well.

We talked about what our favorite food was and she says she likes in n out, which was something else we had in common because i love in n out, they have the best burgers! Sarah says she can eat anything. Thats good, because I think im a bit more of a picky eater. We ended our conversation talking about art, and she doesnt really draw because she thinks she doesnt draw good but she likes art and i do as well. It was cool meeting Sarah. I got to see some things we had in common which was cool.


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