Week 4: Artist Interview- Daniel Rivera


I got the chance to meet Daniel Rivera this week, who is the artist for this piece above. The name of his art work is Post Tenebras Delight, which means after darkness of light. It was a very cool piece because when i walked into the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery it was dark and pretty cool because there was a big pink neon glass that glows with the light. At first i wasnt so sure what the art work was about but then i saw that it was blocks over a pink neon light.

Daniel said that he has started working on his art work around the endings of last semester and through winter break, which is when he had completed it. The piece took a total of 2 months to complete.The blocks in his art work were 2×4 wood blocks. He used a piece of cloth to cover the visible part of the block and put a string in the middle. He had done a total of 700 blocks but because the size of the room he only displayed 255 blocks. Daniel likes to do scupltures, paintings and styrofoam paintings which is why he consideres his works to be paintings.

Although Daniel said that his art work was not inspired by anything, he got the concept idea from one of his favorite movies Post Tenebras Lux. What he said actually inspired to do this art work was giving it away. He said that after the gallery show he planned on giving his blocks away to people which i found to be reall cool. He said that his inspiration came from showing how vulnerable we are when giving and he was trying to be ambitious with it.

It was really cool meeting Daniel because I got to see a different style of art. I found it cool for him to see this painting as a way to give to people and have his family and friends help him work on the blocks. I also found it interesting how he views his art work as a painting. Overall, it was cool getting to meet a new artist this week, there is much to learn about the art works background by getting to know the person who created it.


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