Week 4: Activity- The Nallely Show


So this weeks activity, I decided to do something i would not normally do, which was the main point of this activity. I has always been afraid of heights, so i decided i would try to find a way to get a bit more comfortable with it by standing a couple of feet from the ground. The experience was pretty cool because although through the picture i couldnt capture how far it looked for me being up there, it was.

I decided to go to the pier because I love the ocean, i think it is very beautiful. When I was walking onto the pier I was kinda scared because since I am afraid of heights I was scared of being too far high on top of the water. When I was seemed pretty high for me and I decided I would try to step out of my comfort zone and try to stand on the edge of the off set of the bridge.

It was scary at first but once I was there, it actually did not feel as bad. And what helped was knowing there was sand below me and the nice view behind me which made me feel just a bit better. I do not always attempt to step out of my comfort zone with heights because I have always been afraid of them, but this was not that bad. I was nervous when i was there because I was afraid of falling but I was able to forget about it after because I began to get used to it.

This activity was cool because I was able to experience something I would not normally do on a regular basis. I had never actually tried to be pretty high on top of something before and it was cool to be able to do it in such a pretty place because like i mentioned earlier, i do enjoy the view of the beach. Overall, this activity was fun because I got to test my comfortness and extend it as well.


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