Weel 3: Conversation- Sonia Gore

IMG_2092This week I got to meet Sonia Gore. She is a second year here at CSULB just like me, and is an accounting major. She communtes to school which is cool because I live pretty far and i stay on campus. She commutes from and lives in Lakewood, and i am from Palmdale which is quite a difference because she lives in the city and i live in a small town. One of the things Sonia is into is interior design which is pretty cool.

She played soccer outside of school and played basketball in high school but stopped playing any sports because she got too many injuries. One thing we both had in common was that we both like the color blue, I thought that was cool because i dont find many people who like the same color as me. Her favorite food is pizza but she also like alfredo just like i do!

Sonia said her favorite show was revenge, and although i have not seen it, it sounded like a good show. I told her I liked the show Pretty Little Liars and she said she liked that show as well. Just like me, she said that most of her time is spent around school but when she gets the opportunity to have some free time, she likes to spend going out with friends.

She also has 4 siblings but she is the middle child out of four and i am the oldest child out of 4. It was really cool getting to meet new people in class. I liked how we both had a couple things in common and could relate to a couple of things.


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