Week 3: Artist Conversation- Josh Benz


This week i got the opportunity to meet a new artist named Josh Benz. He is a 27 year old artist who has his art work displayed in the art gallery. He has some pretty cool art pieces. Josh said that he was not very into drawing or painting before because he felt that he was not very good. When he attended community college, he began to practice a bit more and found out that he really did enjoy it.

Josh said that his goal was to make his paintings funny and interesting. He also wants them to be imaginative and more expressional. I think his main goal was to do figurative art pieces because he wants inspired figurative art work. He wants his art work to go into abstract and use more color because he wants to use color with expression. Josh said he would like to try to make more art work with animation and figurative characters.

In his paintingabove, he drew one of him and his girlfriend. I think because he is inspired to use expression, he decided to draw him and his girlfriend to be able to always remeber. His paintings take around 2 to 4 weeks to finsih and his drawings take about 8 hours. His paintings are oil based which is why it takes a while to complete.

I liked how Josh wanted to have his art work based on expression, because i think its pretty cool to be able to express in such a creative way. His art work was really good and im glad i got a chance to meet the artist behind the art work.


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