Week 3: Activity- Instagram


This week in Art 110, our activity was to do Instagram posts. It was a really cool experience because the class had to post a minimum of 4 pictures on an instagram account with a hashtag of #art110s15. We had the whole day to be able to post anything with that hashtag which was good because we had the chance to post many pictures or just the minimum required. That allowed us to be able to get as creative as we wanted with the pictures and be as expressive as we wanted as well.

I decided to post a picture of the view from outside my room when i woke up to share what i got to see that morning. I love cloudy days, they are my favorite. So i thought it was cool to be able to share waking up to a cloudy day. The next picture that I posted was when I was walking to the Student Art Gallery, and the nice view I got to see. I think CSULB has such a nice campus which is why I wanted to share just a part of where I get to walk to to get to class. The next picture I put up was outside the Art Gallery. I think the scenery was so pretty so I decieded to share a picture of that as well. And the last picture that I posted was inside the Art Gallery because i think it is such amazing art work and I thought that it would be great to share a preview of the many art pieces.

What I liked about this project was that we were all able to post different things up and be able to see what our classmates get to do all day which was pretty cool because we get to see the many cool things that we may have in common and the various interest other people have. When I checked out the post with the same hashtag, I saw the many things that my classmates did and where they hang out which was cool because I see that many of us students hang out or go to many similar places.

This project was a really great project to do because I got to share a bit of my day and I got to see what other get to do as well. We may not know how much each of us may have in common but this project allowed us to get an idea of what others are doing and allowing me to see that we do much of the same things everyday.


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