Week 2 Conversation: Rogelio Avina

I met Rogelio Avina this week in class. We were looking for an artist to interview and we decided we would pair up. We began to talk about the class we were taking and where we were from so then we decieded we would interview each other. He is also a second year student at CSULB and is a Civil Engineer major, which is completly different than my major so i found it interesting and asked him about it.

Rogelio said that he had self interests that inspired him to become a Civil Engineer. He seemed very interested in what he was doing which i found admirable. He did track all four years of his high school years and was a valedictorian all four high school years as well. I was impressed with what he had accomplished and made me feel confident in continuing my school goals. He also dorms in school was pretty cool because i do as well.

We actually decided we would go to Venice beach as well because it would be cool to experience painting on the Venice beach art wall, and it was! We definetly had alot to talk about because we both had a lot of the same interest. I got to meet someone with a positive personality and make a great new friend as well.


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