Week 2 Conversation: Artist

Discovery Channel

The name of the painting is called Discovery Channel and the first impression I had when i saw this picture was confusion because i was not so sure what it meant. But after interviweing Chase, who drew this picture, I realized that there wasnt really a specific meaning to it because it is an expression done by someone who has their own meaning to it. Chase said that this painting was something personal. He said that he used sketches from previous work of his to incorporate onto this painting. The painting was kind of made up but he had to reference to real life because their teacher wanted them to keep it realistic.

I liked this painting because it can have so many meanings to it. There is so much detail painted that it allows you to have many ideas of what exactly is happening in the painting. The painting has good composition because of the angle that it was painted, it almost looks like what an actual picture would look like.

The painting took him about 2-3 weeks to paint because it was an oil painting so it takes a bit longer to dry. He wasnt so sure what he was trying to paint but he just wanted to fill the canvus.Chase wanted to paint the characters in his painting to look like they were witnessing an event right when it is going to happen so he tried to make the characters look like they were about to move which is pretty cool.


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