Week 1: Actitivity

art 110

Hello, my name is Nallely Silva. I will begin my blog by giving my opinion on a discussion I had in my Art 110 class about Art, Culture, and Technology.

Art to me is expression of any kind. Art is something that allows us to reveal our emotions and show our creative side as well. Art is used in our everyday lives because anywhere you look you will find something that is distinguished from something else because of the different shape and size of it. Art can also be releaved through our emotions, such as painting, drawing, or anything that expresses our inner thoughts without words. There is a broad way of defining art but i believe it is expression of any kind.

Culture to me is a tradition that is learned though life. It does not neccesarily have to be based on what race or gender you are but how you decide to live your life. It is the beliefs and values you carry in your every day life such as how you view the world, what you eat, and what language you speak. Culture varies through people because not everyone will have the same beliefs as you. Some people can consider their own group or family a specific culture because they all identify with the same values and beliefs as one another which makes them different from others.

Technology is what has been moving our world into modernism and advancement with all sorts of things. It can be anything that helps our lives run more smoothly such as having a remote control to change the channels of a t.v. or even a pen to write down anything necessary we need to know. Technology keeps the world going because society has adapted to it and it continues to expand.

Picture: http://video.mit.edu/channel/art-culture-and-technology-act/


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